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Κυριακή, 28 Οκτωβρίου 2018

Metatron's cube, shadow beings, and the false matrix

We have been exploring Metatron 's cube this temporary encasement which has been binding consciousness to geometric configurations designed to hold a soul within its false matrix blanketed with such as dense overlay earth and humanity has spun on the cycle of birth and death in order to maintain a consistent energy supply for entities who maintain this system zero point has been put on lockdown through a complex system of toroidal compression fields held together through the Merkabah hex and the Kundalini chakra implants it's then no wonder that Metatron is an anagram for torment because it's through Metatron's Cube that we find ourselves in and around physical substance the vesica piscis this is the by wave distortion brought into this reality through the Metatron and fields that gradually came up with a system of extreme polarity inverting that code into the consciousness which the Metatron exist immense layered, therefore, the original architecture of reality of the true earth which was once less dense and full of incredible life became reversed and locked into a self-consuming field of distortion.

This fall of man this is the implementation of the overlay is synonymous with the tales of ancient genetic engineering in this altered state of turmoil our fear gave the Metatron exist 'to b agree to use that fear to create frequency fences our energy was broadcast to create a net and produced a predator mind construct intended for mass human parasitism confusion circulated these artificially Nets and constructs were further designed to progressively pull the earth and everything within it to further inorganic entrapments.

The moon appeared in the sky and started to reinforce this grid cycles started and any remaining DNA of earth-that-was-silicon-based mutated quickly into carbon, after all, can remain eternal under the movement Carbon comes from the Latin Car Bell meaning coal or charcoal because it burns easily it's fallible and the same way we can put charcoal in our fire to warm us up the various entities who uphold the energy extraction matrix use our carbon suits as a means to warm themselves up and the cycle is a perpetual circulating period of time on completion of which certain phenomena return in the same order cycles are loops they are not natural they hold this realm and everything in it rumors to time the creation of the Metatron is overlay described in on the chakra overlays how our endocrine system is apart of this matrix that our internal organs and glands bind us to restraint through necessity.

After the genetics-altering of our avatars people found themselves now requiring food to eat water to drink air to breathe it was compulsory now to maintain our bodies by focusing on density one might hear all of this and ask the question if we were once more in a paradise of the state free from cyclical time how could such a hijacking of our nature occur the simpleIt's never been done before we did not know what a lie was we did Do not know what deception looks or feel like in the quintessential tale of the fall Adam and Eve were deceived for the first time by the serpent before this they did not know good and evil dualism was not in the collective repertoire virus adhered and type of binary rigid dominating consciousness that had not yet been experienced so we couldn't identify it as a threat before it was too late.

After the inversion of the original world collapsed more genetic experimentation was performed to further fragment humanity aiming to distance us from tapping into our true creative potential brain was divided into two hemispheres artificial electromagnetic energy waves we know as ley lines were set up on the earth reinforced through pyramids churches and monolith structures and in time we submitted ourselves to the master/slave paradigm through genocide and various means of deception to further lull us into a state of forgetfulness and thussubmission we have been cut into seven levels of perception this is the security system of the Metatron and overlay seven layers of the aura seven chakras seven glands of the endocrine system states of matter rainbow seven notes of the musical scale and seven planets what we call planets our Nets are the plan to net us all in this overlay there are seven reinforcers to this overlay system above us who energetically keep everything moving in cycles and according to fate which really means fatality this system is held by Saturn was also known as satan or father time this is the lord of the Metatron excision this is why Saturn is at the top of the ancient depictions of these spheres of influence and urn is a yours that holds cremated ashes.

The name is revealing to us Saturday sits on urn of the overlay acting as the lord of discipline and karma discipline and karma hmm why we would require discipline and resolution of karma what we did not deserve such discipline and who is penalizing us after realizing this situation for what it is how can any force consider humans as the wrongdoers who mean to correct their ways well karma and discipline are the patriarchal order of the caretakers of the energy extraction matrix humans have been told that birth and death is necessary to work out issues and become perfected but if samsara itself was introduced after the parasite's invasion then what are we working out the Karma soul-recycling system has been a fake a false light trap designed to maintain the Metatron ik overlay we call this the Saturn moon matrix system because it begins with the moon and ends with Saturn the phrase carbon copies is not just saying it's revealing to us why there have organic portals the Metatron ik overlay is all about getting the living souls to identify with illusion its about creating an atmosphere that is convincing enough so we give our consent to it but to create the illusion that money is legitimate that hedonism is for our benefit that nothing is wrong.

With reality that people are inherently flawed there must be a shadow beings non-player characters representing themselves as true humans the majority of the population is nothing more than shadow reflections of the living souls whose essence has been replicated through the cycle of samsara's commonly asserted that everybody has a doppelganger the word doppelganger is German for ghostly spirit or doubleWalker this is not just a fun idea all around us are carbon copies of the living Souls acting out of the charade of the overlay when we've been taken through the false light trap of the moon our essence has been cloned on each return to earth there has been more and more more carbon copies of the living Souls until we get a situation like we have now in which the majority of the population is nothing more than perversions of the true essence of this explains why in this process of waking up many seem to be in la-la land happily absorbed in deception its because organic portals or soulless beings operate on a binary consciousness they attach to the system because they are a part of the system there's a paradox to swallow there are absolutely entities that have constructed and sustained the energy extraction matrix through convincing us to invert the frequency of truth by overidentifying with rigid consciousness and reality-based in master slave mentalities but at the end of this game it will be revealed that those who are parasite were nothing more than manifest aspects of a fallen consciousness designed to reflect the nature of dualism and what results in such a paradigm reveals this is a paradox but this is the nature of consciousness regardless of our choices.

What we experience always reflects to us our deficits our strengths and our judgments we cannot escape ourselves because everything around us is ultimately the universal dreamer playing alone in year elaborated show the separation consciousness that is played out is not in vain what may have begun as an Inquisition of Earth will end in Earth's rebirth you see how that works whatever is thrown at us ultimately is able to be transmuted the transformation we are about to witness will be the most heroic story ever told how will it end that is a mystery surprise will result in the biggest the liberation the multiverse has ever seen I would like to mention that truth is a frequency, not an idea or mental

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Soul Cleansing System - Σύστημα Καθαρισμού της Ψυχής