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Thought is a force, a manifestation of energy, having a magnetic attraction ability.

Thought = Vibration

The vibrations of thought, can not be made visible, we can not taste them, smell them, to hear them or to palpation, as usual ...

Telepathy, is also a powerful thought wave is thought vibrations of others.

The light and heat, vibrations occur, a significantly lower intensity than those of Thought, but the difference lies only in the rate of vibration.

Thoughts = Things

Those who can not see, hear, weigh, or measure, in connection with these vibrations, and do not constitute proof that there is no ...

There are sound waves that no human ear can not hear even though some of them undoubtedly recorded from the ear of some insects, other captured by sensitive instruments, devised by the man.

However, there is a large gap between the sounds, recorded from the most delicate organs, and in the limit that the human mind, and meditate, according to proportions, knows, that is the border line between the sound waves, and other forms of vibration.

Each vibration form, it takes a form of its own body, to record ... Until now, the human brain seems to be the only body capable of record, thought waves, although, as the occultists say that in this century, scientists will devise mechanisms sufficiently sensitive to capture and record, such impressions.

Ship, out thoughts of greater or lesser intensity, all the time, and collect the results of these considerations.

Not only, the waves of our thoughts, affect ourselves and others, but also attracting power - bring us, thoughts of others, to things, circumstances, people, "luck" in accordance with the nature of thought which is more prevalent in our mind.

Love thoughts will bring us close to us, the love of others.

Circumstances and events, according to the thought.

People doing similar thoughts.

Thoughts of anger, hatred, jealousy, malice and cunning, will attract to us, a crowd of related thoughts, emitted from the minds of others.

Circumstances under which it will be called upon to manifest, these vile thoughts, and will accept them in our turn, by other people, who have expressed, disharmony ... so then.

A strong thought, or a thought, going for long, will make us the center of attraction, similar thought waves of others.

The like attracts like, in the world of thought - and as sow will reap.

The man or woman who is full of love, see the Love everywhere, and attract the love of others.

Man hates, within his heart, picks up all the hatred, which can withstand.

The Question of Attraction Thought, Is Very Serious ...

When you stand, to think a little, you see that the man, in fact, creates his own surroundings, although blame, others, about that ...

We have passed from the time of physical violence and physical force, in the era of intellectual domination, and now we enter, in a new and almost unknown field, that is, the mental power.

It is important to be able to use this great power, (THINK), just as we use steam, electricity and other, energy ...

The Mind has a Delete Button! Learn how to use it and Press Now Delete!

There is an old saying in neuroscience that says "Neurons that vibrate at the same time linked together."

This means that the more we use certain nerve paths in our minds, the stronger becomes the circuit composing. That is why work is another old saying, "Our practice makes perfect." The more we practice a musical instrument, a language, a sleight of hand or anything similar, the stronger are the circuits in the brain that are responsible for these functions.

Scientists know this stuff for years. However, nowadays researchers discover another aspect of this truth: To learn something, even more important than the exercise is the ability to unlearn or to break old neural connections that regulate things that are not our most useful. This is called "synaptic pruning."

How and Why deleted neuronal connections:
Imagine your mind as a garden, in place of flower cultivation, fruit and vegetable juices, cultivate synaptic connections between neurons. These are connections in which the neurotransmitters, such as dopamine, serotonin and others traveling along them.

The "glial cells" are gardeners brain and act to speed signals between individual neurons. There are other more specialized glial cells that remove trash, uproot weeds, kill parasites, scratching the ground. These necessary 'gardeners' of your brain called "microglial cells." Their job is to "prune" the synaptic connections. The question is, how do you know what to prune?

Researchers are only beginning to unravel this mystery, but what we know is that the synaptic connections used less "marked" by a protein, C1q (and other). When microglial cells detect this protein are associated with it and destroy (or prune if you want) the specific conclusion.

This creates the brain free space to build new and stronger connections so we can learn more things.

That is why the Sleep Is So Important
Your brain cleans itself when you sleep!

Sometimes when you learn something new, or to start a new job or a hobby you may feel that your mind is full and does not fit other ideas and skills. Well, it just literally true.

When you learn many new things new to you, the brain builds your connections, but there remain many other insensitive and inadequate. Your brain should prune many of these connections in place to build a more efficient and effective pathways. This does when we sleep.

When you sleep the brain cells shrink up to 60% to make room so that glial cells to reach and remove waste. So pruned synapses.

When you wake up after a restful night we are able to think clearly and quickly. It's like we did reconstruction in the fragmented files on the computer.

For the same reason the short sleep during the day, it is advantageous for your cognitive abilities. A nap for 10 or 20 minutes gives microglial cells the opportunity to travel to distant unused connections, to the ruin and leave room to grow new ones.

To do spiritual work with sleep deprivation is like trying to open his way through a dense jungle keeping only a knife. In this wooded environment the progress will be slow and tedious.

Conversely, when you think and your brain has rested well is like wandering comfortably in a large park. The paths are clear and delimited and linked to visual signs, trees are in place, you can see hundreds of meters in front of your path. It is quite refreshing.

How can you control what will be erased from your mind:
As we said earlier, the synaptic connections that are not using marked to be recycled. Those that remain are those that will be loaded and will be oxygenated. So be careful what you think.

If you spend too much time thinking theories on how to finish the «Game of Thrones» and much less about issues related to your job, guess what synapses will be marked to be recycled.

If you are against someone from work and spend your time focusing on how to avenge him, and not in the projects and ideas that you have in progress, will form a large web synaptic pathways imaginative scenarios revenge

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