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Πέμπτη, 2 Φεβρουαρίου 2017

Our Spiritual Path

The idea of our resurrection into beings belonging to a kingdom of eternity goes back to the beginnings of human existence. From the beginning of our existence on Earth we believed that life here and life after death are maintained as a single, unified set of one divine intelligence. Feelings are manifested through the memories of many people whom moved back to the Stone Age. Since then and for centuries, we thought the world of souls rather as a different state of consciousness than as an abstract location.

Life after death was considered just an extension of our physical life. I believe that the world returns to these ideas, which are highly expressed by Spinoza, who said: "The whole universe is a single substance of which we are part. God is not an external event, but all there is. "

Myths such as Atlantis and Shangri-La I think that derive their roots from our burning desire to regain a utopia, but which once existed, today lost. In super conscious every single people that I submit in deep hypnosis, lies the memory of a utopia residence. Originally, the concept of Utopia was intended to express ideas, not a society. My clients see the spiritual world as one community of ideas. In this sense, life after death involves self-purification of thought. The beings who are still incarnate, are far from perfect, as shown by my cases. Nevertheless rightly consider our existence in the spiritual world as Utopian as it is characterized by a universal spiritual harmony. Justice, honesty, humor and love are the primary foundations of our life after life.

For those who have read the information contained in my books, I understand that it will be very hard to observe that the Utopia of our dreams is within us all but blocked from oblivion, imposed on the conscious mind. When some of these blockages man exceed them through hypnosis, meditation, prayer, channeling, yoga, imagination and dreams or through a mental state, which is achieved through physical activity, then this person has the sense of personal empowerment. About 2400 years ago, Plato wrote about reincarnation and said that souls must cross through the forgetfulness River Lethe, the waters of which cleared the memory of our true nature.

The sacred truths of our etheric history can be recalled today as we are able to bypass the conscious mind and reach the unconscious, which is not immersed in the River Lethe. Our senior Self selectively remembers both our past glory and our offenses, our whispering through the veils of time and space. Our personal spiritual guides strive diligently to give us the best of both worlds, spiritual and material.

In each new baby is given a new start with an open future. Our spiritual masters wish to provide our karmic opportunities without the constraints we would have if we knew the shoals of our past lives. Become more flexible in a selective manner the issue of forgetfulness as we progress in our self-awareness. This is the best possible way to wisdom.

However, I believe that the reasons oblivion block our spiritual life, they have considerably decreased over the last 30 years. Never previously was not so great erosion of the human population of the chemicals. These trap the soul and burden the body with a spiritual haze.

The essence of the soul can not be expressed by a mind conditioned by chemicals. I feel that the designers of the other side are beginning to lose their patience with this aspect of human society. Also, there are other reasons. As the twentieth century draws to a close, we live in a frantic world, full of rage, with overpopulation and environmental degradation. The massive destruction of all the resources of our planet in the last one hundred years has no equal in human history.

Despite what I wrote above, I see the future of mankind gloomy. The fact that people living at a particular time, they see their time more decaying from the previous one. However, also the last one hundred years progressed much in culture, politics and economy. From our many respects the world is safer than it was in 1950.

At the international level, nations have developed greater social conscience and are committed to world peace more than ever in the long history of monarchies and dictatorships, which were noticeable presence until the early 20th century. On the other hand, the threshold of the 21st century finds us to face the erosion of personality and human dignity in a society saturated the ruler materialism. Globalization may be, and a recipe for loneliness and disconnection. Many people do not believe in anything other than survival.

I believe that our spiritual immortality to the gate has been opened since the denial that knowledge proved counter-productive. From my experience in the spiritual world I can say that if something Earth not working effectively may be changed. The predicted oblivion for human beings to avoid biased responses to specific karmic events. However, the benefits of forgetting can no longer compensate for the backwardness of the people who lead their lives in a vacuum of apathy, caused by chemicals.

Too many people trying to escape from reality because they do not see is the identity of purpose or meaning. Apart from drugs and alcohol, the complexity circuits technologically advanced societies around the world, people are deprived of any form of spirituality as are conducted by bodily sensations of the lower ego. These people have little or no connection with the true Self. Because each of us is unique and different from others, it is necessary for those seeking inner peace to find their own spirituality.

When fully in line with belief systems based on the experience of other people, I feel that in the process we lose something of our individuality. The road to self-discovery and the development of a personal philosophy outside doctrines and organizations takes effort but the reward is great. There are many paths for this purpose, which start with confidence in ourselves. The Camus tells us: "Both the rational and the irrational lead to the same understanding. In fact, the path that we will follow is of little importance. The desire to get enough. "

The spiritual understanding should be a personal quest, otherwise it is meaningless. Our our immediate reality severely affected and we can act on it to actually doing one step at a time without taking our need to look very far. Even steps in the wrong direction leading us to the awareness that there are many paths that are designed to teach us.

In order to bring the soul-self in harmony with our natural environment has given us the freedom of choice to exercise our free will in search of reasons to be here. On the road of life we must take responsibility for all our decisions without blaming others for mishaps in our lives, leading us to misery.

As I said, if we want to be effective in our mission we should be helping others in their own path whenever possible. By helping others we help ourselves. In the course of cultivation of our individuality, our forth to others is gradual nature to the extent that absorbs us completely. On the other hand we must learn to keep the balance and not continuously absent from our house. We must not lose the feeling that we have accepted this sacred contract of life which means that our roles on Earth is bigger than ourselves. The energy of our soul has been created by a higher authority to which we can not know anything at this level of our evolution. Therefore we should focus on our self-awareness as a people and to find this nugget of divinity within us. The only limitations to personal insight are the ones we put ourselves to ourselves.

In essence, we are alone with our soul, but people who feel lonely have not yet found themselves. When captured our individual substance is like to fall in love. A stimulus in our life awakens in us something that was latent. The soul initially flirting with us, giving us the lure to go further in the joys seen only from afar.

The initial attraction of the discovery of the self begins with an almost playful touch the conscious from the unconscious mind. As intensifies our desire to fully evolve our inner Self, attracted to a more intimate connection, without being able to resist it. Our acquaintance with our soul develops into a faith marriage Ourselves. The fascinating aspect of self-discovery is that when we hear this inner voice, automatically recognize. From my experience I am absolutely convinced that everyone on this planet has a personal spiritual guide. Our spiritual guides speak through our minds, we long to be receptive.

In life there are no accidents, but people have a confused perception of randomness. It is a philosophy contrary thoughts of a spiritual order. Grants easily afford to feel that we do not control our lives and it is futile to find ourselves after everything and do it anyway pointless. The belief in randomness of events negatively affect our response to situations prevents us think their explanation and pushes us to inactivity and pointless.

What is important in life comes either in small doses or all together at once. The knowledge of ourselves can take us far beyond the limits that restrict our original destination. Karma is the activation on our path of those conditions that enhance learning. The concept of a Source that orchestrates everything need not be ostentatious or pretentious. The extroverted spiritual man awaiting reunification with a Creator after death, while the esotericist feels every day of a Whole. The spiritual awareness emerges within us in quiet, subtle moments of introspection, which are manifested by the power of a single thought.

Life is a matter of continuous change to meet. Our position in the world today may tomorrow be different. We have to learn to adapt to different perspectives of life, and this is also part of the plan for our development. Realizing this, we experience one exceedance of the Self: the blanking process of a temporary plating on what lies deep inside the permanent mind of our soul. To disconnect from the frustration feelings should expand our consciousness while we forgive ourselves our mistakes. I think that term is vital for our mental health to laugh at ourselves and the difficult situations we face in our path. Life is full of conflict and struggle, pain and happiness we experience are the reasons to be here. Every day is a new beginning.

I conclude with the words of a soul, which was preparing to leave the spirit world for another incarnation on Earth. I feel that these words offer the most suitable choice for this book:

"To come to Earth resembles to travel away from home in a foreign country. Some things seem familiar but most are unknown until you get used to, especially the conditions that are relentless. Our real home is a place of absolute peace, total acceptance and universal love. As souls separated our house we can not presume that these wonderful traits will be permanently present around us.

On Earth we should learn to face intolerance, anger and sadness while looking for joy and love. We should not lose our integrity during our course, neither sacrificing goodness for survival or to obtain higher or lower behaviors of those around us. We know that we live in an imperfect world will help us to appreciate the true meaning of perfection. We ask to have courage and humility before we begin our journey into another life. As we deepen our awareness both increased and the quality of our existence. By this criterion considered. Our destination is to pass this test. "

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